Congratulations, somehow, someway, you landed on this page.

If you're like me, You dont buy into the hype others are selling.

I'm going to be 100% straight with you.

Right now you have no clue how close you really are
to earning a real fulltime income on the internet.

I know, you've heard it all before, and believe me, I hear you.

This isnt going  to be some BS talk about how you're going to
be a freakin millioniare over night.

 I don't know about you, but I am not a believer in those types of claims.

The best part is, you probably have zero clue about what you're about to read.

Programs like this, dont just happen by accident, so I highly suggest you pay
very close attention to every word on this page.

  •  If you run a successful internet business that pulls in over $8,000 a month,  This program probably wont be for you.
    Please click off this page
  • If you bought Scam after Scam and think thats what this is, 
    Get lost... right now!.

    (we are trying to help, not to trick you into buying something you dont need.)
  •  If you think that making a full time income on the internet isn't possible, or even if you've tried and failed and don't think it can be done ...
    Please leave the page (though you should probably stay on for a few minutes and let me show you how wrong you are) 

Well, you're still here...

That means you're probably struggling at this online business that  everyone told you how easy it was going to be.
You've been lied to and misguided, but despite all the garbage and BS you didn't give up on yourself or your business...

Listen, everyone that has made money online has been where you are.

Even we have gone through the exact same struggle you are going through.

We have been husled, lied to, misguided, and fooled.

So believe me, I get it. I get how you feel right now, and I respect what you're feeling, and I just want to tell you one thing...

And, you are a perfect fit for who we are looking to work with, don't have to take my word for it.

I'm going to  tell you everything you need to know about me, how I got here, and about our money getting script
that sucked in over $356,390 last October in just a few minutes.

For now I want you to sit back, relax and imagine this situation:

"I'm telling you, that its possible to make a lot of money online, and that its possible for you to get even with the Liars, and BS'ers that only told you that..but never showed you how...' good friend and business partner Tim Bekker along with me Jesse Regan, we do it every single day!

I say you can do more than getting even...

Why Just Get even?

How about smashing those that ripped you off in the first place and getting more than even.  How freaking amazing would that make you feel?

How are we going to do that you say?

We're going to use our controversial clicknbank cash pulling sript that helps me to grind out  $356,790 every month from Clickbank!

But first let me tell you....

Making money online is so much easier than you think. We do it every day.. 

And you have no clue how close you are to doing the same thing..

So I want you to smile... I know you're no dummy, you've seen through all the bullshit that these cheap jokes are selling... 

You’ve seen through a lot of the scam and con artists around out there.

Not everybody does.

Hey, we all know the internet is just crammed full of so-called ‘gurus’ offering their tired old ‘profit strategies’ for 

damn crazy fees…

But then they all let you down, right?

Tons of you have either already barfed up tons of cash on these products, or you will in the future.

Let me guess what you bought...and let me guess the outcome...

Did I get any of those right?

Yea I thought so... the "make money online" niche is just full of straight up trash. 

Some things might work for a few sales here and there, but I haven't found one that makes good on the promises of a 

real full time living..

Here's an interesting little fact.. 

I wish I could tell you that these guys are real, upstanding business people that deliver on thier promises,
but unfortunately that's not how it works.

Each and every day it seems like some "must have" product hits the market place, and people like you and me
are buying them up like hot-cakes.

It's almost criminal, how many illegitimate vendors are out there selling re-hashed information to the over 4.9 Million
people that search google every month for "make money"

All that Changed After I Decided To Take Some Serious Action...

Those filthy liars… those online con-artist bastards..  they play to our emotions all the time.. and nothing works! 

Yup, you got it... , the same self proclaimed "Guru's"  that are selling you a "Money Making' program are the only 

ones making money!

They make their money by selling you these money making programs itself. 

They are email "marketing" guys that only make money through their partners with 100,000+ people like you 

(read victims like you) on their lists. 

Most of these trash bags, are highschool, or college dropouts... 

They don't know a thing about how to get real tergeted traffic, or how to make money promoting real affiliate programs.

Can you see how ironic this is? 

It's so almost makes me laugh.

Tim and I told ourselves, that's no IT. These clowns took enough of our money and time!

It was at this point that we decided we were going to come up with a real way to make money online.

And that's exactly how this started.  We took all the garbage junk crap courses we bought, and threw them all in a big old bag, and tossed it into the trash can next to my desk. It was time to start from scratch. 


After our desks and mind was rid of that junk, we sat and thought about all the components we would need to make a huge online income every month.

We wrote it all down on one sheet of paper.. 

Our list really wasn't that big, but it included some hard Computer Programming  that we knew we couldn't do ourselves.
 (I want to throw up when I look at a computer programming code! What happens to you when you  see lines of code? The same thing? I thought so.  You are definitely on the right page!  We will be the last persons on earth to ask anyone to work with code, we CAN'T do it ourselves! )

So we started looking around the internet for someone that could help us turn  our wishlist into a working money making system.

We were surfing the internet for weeks looking for a company that could fullfill our requirements within our maximum budget of  $25,000 when this article caught our eye...

That was when everything began to change.. and quickly!

We read  that article and we found the contact form for this small Indian Award Winning IT (programming) Company.

Through their website we found their CEO contact information and decided to send him an email.

I remember we discussed all DAY about our list and what our requirements were, our budget, and their abilities to translate our ideas into a working money making system.

"Give me 2 weeks, thats all I need guys"

...and I will get you your FIRST working Beta Disc! 

If we can win an Ebay Motors #1 Award we certainly can help a few young guys with a small list of demands for a script...

...I even remember his exact words: Just have faith in us!

The next day we wired the 50% down payment of $12,500.

I know...quite risky, we  felt like we were going CRAZY!

Depositing an amount like that straight to the bank account of an unknown Indian IT company that we found through an online article only one day earlier.

The hair on my arms stood straight up as we wired that money...

But I have to tell you (just to make you feel better). If we didn't take the risk back then I wouldn't be sitting here right now writing down this story for you (hint: this story will have a happy ending).

10 days later our skype rang, it was their CEO.

Four whole days before the actual deadline.

He told us that his company had successfully finished the money making script from our list.

He had copied the system on a small black USB Stick and he had mailed that stick to our office.

He said: "Guys, please keep an eye on your mailbox for the next few days.."

Exactly 4 days later we found this envelope in our mailbox. 

We were amazed...they actually did what they said they were going to do! .

I was so freaking excited that I set a new personal record from the front door to Tim's desk!  (4.17 seconds)

We plugged in the USB stick and opened the right folder.

We were actually expecting some long complicated setup for this software, since this was the first working BETA version, but  we couldn't be more wrong...

Somehow these guys had not just been able to script my money making system, but in the same short time period they
had programmed  a ridiculiously simple 3 step installer that helped us to install and set up the system in less than 4 clicks of my mouse..

It was something like:

After the easy setup we started exploring the script and we really couldnt believe how well they had nailed this one...

It was even better than we thought it was going to be.

When I look back at the feeling I got, I miss it...

I felt so proud, since we had actually managed to come up and develop our own real money getting system...

...and to be honest I was right to be proud because it's not just a great system, its a real masterpiece", our Mona Lisa..

You'll see... just wait until you see this with your own eyes!

Let's Fast Forward to today...

All of that happened about 3 years ago. I couldn't have imagined at the time, that, reading that article and finding this award winning IT company from India, would be the start of our MULTI MILION dollar Internet company.

Over the past few months Tim and I have been writing down every single way we used this script last year, including the
dozens of Money Streams that can be setup by simply using the system.

Right now, Today, I am going to do something that I had selfishly promised myself I would never do...

I am going to let you in on this EXACT system...

You are about to discover he complete content of this black USB stick we got in our mailbox.

No need to say that I want to keep our cash making script ultra exclusive so I am only going to let in a very small number of people. Honestly, I'm not going to sell this much longer, and am definitely going to take this page down...

That might even be today...

Look, I'm going to be very blunt with you..

I know you are tired of all lies and scams that all the guru's have been telling you. 

By now you're definitely aware that those "magic easy button" or the "golden" make me a Million bucks over night with a push on the button softwares simply do not exist...

...and have never existed,

At the end of the day, I know you're finally ready for a real money making opportunity that is backed up with real claims and legit PROOF.

Our Script easily made us a few thousand bucks per month.
(I just hope you know how to recognize one when you come across it (read: now) after all thse false promises)

>>OK Tim & Jesse, I'm Ready... Let's Do This!
Get Me Started with my 60 Days Risk Free NOW

for a One Off Price of Just $27 (Extra $10 Off!)!<<

One more thing...  

I know what you might be thinking right now...

"I've heard this I'm different' story dozens of times before, but the end it turned out to be the same old crap ALL over again"

And I hear you, I really do, but not one "guru" out there will tell you this next sentence... 

"Don't Just take my word for it. Do your own research! 

Remember I told you that most guys selling on the internet are not real affiliate marketers, but actually email marketers? 

They just  make money by selling you their latest crappy ebooks and get rich quick programs...

Sure, they can show you some real cool screenshots of their affiliate accounts with loads of money in it, but that's actually your money!

I'm gonna tell you a little secret, that will PISS these guys off to no end..

There is a very easy way to check whether someone is the real deal or just a total rip off scumbag scam artist....

Go  to and enter (just one of Tim's sites), then  hit "search".

Do you see it? Alexa estimates our traffic rank as #6,134 site in the WORLD and 3,097 site in the US! 

New Free 11+ Video Course uploaded!

Out of billions and billions of websites sites on the planet, we rank #6,134 in the entire world. 

I guess you can only imagine how much traffic we are driving to all our websites and affiliate pages.

If that doesn't convince you that we are the real deal, and that I know what im talking about,  I don't know what will...

You can be fooled with BS stories, lies and fake earnings screenshots... sure, those are easy to fake...

Alexa is a REAL third party, non biased website ranking website... that is the real deal... and can NOT be faked.

Let's put it this way...

Why do you think most guys can only show you Clickbank earning screenshots on their sales page?

The reason of course, is they don't have other realAffiliate income proof...

...except for the money they made in their Clickbank accounts.

And its all income made selling you their "get rich quick" programs!

Maybe you now understand why I showed you earnings from non Clickbank products on top of this page, got it now??  
It shows you we actually make money promoting affiliate products and that's what this game is is all about, right?

There is actually a funny story behind the screenshot you see above. We almost got our affiliate account closed due to the high amount of sales. 

Tim actually got a phone call from one of the owners of this network to ask him who we were and to congratulate us because we not only popped up on their radar all of a sudden, but we skyrocketed to be one of their Top 10 affiliates within a  few days time.

He told Tim his security team actually wanted to shut down our account for possible FRAUD, but after checking our sales they found out that we were actually pooring in LEGIT sales like crazy....

Of course I can also give you a small taste of what our Clickbank accounts look like, just to go with the flow....

This script gives us the kind of life where we can take six, seven vacations a year whenever and wherever we want.

We are now guys who can afford anything their families ask for and never have to break a sweat to get it....

And we’d be real jackasses not to share something like this.

So now it’s your turn.

YOU really can use our cash flow script for your own capatalistic desires
YOU really can tell your boss to kiss your ass. 
YOU really can buy whatever you want for whoever you want. Any Time!
YOU really can be the person you see on this page, Rich, Free, and helpful to all.. 

I wish I could be there to see your face when you set this up and use it for the first time…

First of all, it’s important you believe this can and will work for anyone, anywhere…

If You Have:

  • A Computer
  • Access to the Internet
  • The Desire to Make Money
Then You can do this - and start making money online!

You already have Almost Everything You need to start making Crazy Amounts of Money, faster than you think…

Any Prior Experience
An expensive complicated website
Your own product to sell...
A big huge email list…

This Powerful Script is something that has never been done before and that you might never see again...

To be honest, I'm pretty sure  that most people probably wouldn't let this kind of system go at any price. 

Here’s the compromise we made.

We decided to pick a number that would be fair to us and to the market that supported us for so long.

We decided to make slots available to use our patent pending script.

The idea is…

...this is limited because I HAVE to make sure Scammers don't get their  filthy grubby mits on this script and completely flood the market..

We do not want this kind of script getting into the wrong hands.

We’re not even gonna charge you $1097 for this script, even though I'm fairly confident you could make that much in your first week.

As you can tell by the fact were only selling limited copies of this script that, we are not in this to make a whole lot of money releasing this product. 

Our script runs all day long and makes me all the money I could need, OR spend for that matter.. 

This has a lot more to do with my ego than money.

It's about getting even with the scammers, and being responsible for shutting them out.

It's about showing everyone that comes on board with the script, that making money online is not impossible. 

It's about freeing all people that are allowed into this program... FREEDOM. 

Being responsible for all those things are what makes men legends...and that's where we want to be.

And let me remind you…  you absolutely don’t have to buy this from us.

You can also figure out all the steps that are needed to make this incredible cash generating script just like I did,

but theres one problem...

...if You can find my programmer, if he’s still available, you're gonna have to pay him the $25,000 yourself.

Then you’re in business.

If you think you’ll actually figure all this out for less than $25,000, then you are sadly mistaken... 

That’s what the sript is actually worth.

$500 is a fair price for a superb cash pulling  script like this..

One that has already  generated over $356,790 worth of affilate sales for us.

Let me ask you this...

"What if this software generated one-hundredth of what it’s generated for us, for you... 

would it would be the most important, lucrative investment you ever made?"

We’re looking for people who are ready to end the struggle, act right now and put this scipt to work.

So let's cut the chase, it's not going to cost $500...

At first we toyed with the idea of $197. But we want to explode this system onto the scene, and in our estimation it 

might take a little too long to find buyers at that price point..

Our assistant suggested $97, Thats where *We* wanted to sell this at... 

But then, Tim of all people suggested we price it at $47 so everybody could get in if they were serious enough... 

...and it would just allow us to recoup our investment... so thats where we're at.. $47

Stir that price around in your head.. .really grasp it... 

Because right now you can can in for even less...just $27!

.. if you want in... get in now.. if you don't then good luck to you! 

At this point, were going to be shutting down this site by night fall tomorrow... the choice is yours!

You need to make a decision right now and decide if you want to continue on with your life exactly how it is or
JUMP At this seriously discounted offer for Click N Bank Money Making Script...

...And everything after that is pure profit.

>>OK Tim & Jesse, I'm Ready... Let's Do This!
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This is a 1 time charge.. 
No BS terms and conditions
No hidden upgrades.

You must believe in yourself... 

Don’t convince yourself that making money on the internet is hard.

that’s what THEY want you to think so you can keep them on their gravy train of lies and bullshit. 

I know what you're thinking... 

Jesse,  I'm not some computer geek! I have no idea about scripts or websites or any of that junk.. 

I'm here to tell you thats not a  problem! That's exactly why we invested thousands of dollars to make sure this script is so easy to use a 3 year old that can spell his name can use it. 

We made this script so ANYONE with a computer and Internet connection can start making money with no website or affilaite marketing experience.. 

In fact, there's...

  • No Phone calls to make
  • No no website to own and pay for
  • No drop shipping.. 
  • No keeping vendors happy

It CANT get any easier for a beginner to start making money TODAY with our automated script.

It's being done Day In and Day Out.. but only for the next lucky people that come on board with us... 

Take your chance, right now, for just $27 and with a completely risk-free guarantee backing you up... you have nothing to lose...

After you get this script running. I want to hear about your success. so make sure you get me a testimonial and ill make sure to post your testimonial up here as proof! 

Ok, so lets get right to it.. You know what the price is, you know what the script can do, and you know you can try out our program  completely risk-free and have as many income streams as you want, smashing your bank account with cold hard cash day in and day out. 

Make a choice.. either keep doing what you are doing and buy all the rehashed garbage out there that gets you nowhere but broke and confused or make the choice to win with a proven system with real proof, and real results. 

You can keep reading about how much money everyone else is making off the internet but you.

Before you decide, I want to tell you something I learned a few years ago...

If you stay on the path youre on, youre going to keep getting the same results you've been getting.  

Change starts right here from making a decision just like this one.

Before you go, I want you to just take a good long look at this picture.

This is what Tim and I can do any time we want.. see, we are of the lucky few that are not chained to a desk and told what to do by someone else all day.

We have no "boss". We have nobody we answer to...its just us, and our freedom.. and let me tell feels great!. 

Get involved with our product. and you will have the same set of skills and information that we have to be able to live that life up there.. 

Can you see yourself in our shoes? If the answer is yes, then click  The “Add to Cart” button now.

Click it now before someone else takes your spot and this offer shuts down for good.

Thanks again for stopping by our site..

I have no idea who sent you here or how you got here, but what I do know, is that once you get in this program, you will have instant access to our money making script, and it will be up and running in less than 4 clicks... 

Your choice.. I'll see you on the inside in the members area.

P.S.  One more thing.. 

Just remember, there are only limited spots available in our program and when they're gone they're gone... I have taken all the risk out of this for you, if you are not 1000% happy with this groundbreaking script, then I will make sure you get every dime back from your purchase, every last cent with NO questions asked.

>>OK Tim & Jesse, I'm Ready... Let's Do This!
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Just for trying Click n Bank today, I'll even let you keep the crazy bonus package we have put together for you when you sign up. It's full of value, and worth around $378.

I cant wait to hear how you're doing!

Jesse Regan & Tim Bekker